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Photos from Show on May 3, 2014

You can get photos taken at the show on a DVD for $15 plus $3 for shipping ($18.00 total). The photos on the DVD are as taken except for turning the vertical photos 90 degrees so that they can be viewed on a computer. Due to low light levels the photos were taken as ISO 3200. Even at ISO 3200 the shutter speeds ranged from about 1/25 sec to about 1/200 sec causing many of the photos to be blurry. You may wish to crop the photos as necessary and make minor changes to brightness, contrast or other parameters. The sample photos shown below were all cropped and resized. Except for turning the vertical photos 90 degrees there were no changes made to the photos.





You can get photos taken at the show on a DVD for $15 plus $3 for shipping ($18.00 total).

Send check or money order and your Name / Address / email (in case I need to contact you in case of a problem) to:

Edmund W. Frick
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Malvern, PA 19355

Make check or money order payable to:  Edmund W. Frick

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It is difficult to take great photos at a show with the flash mounted on the camera or worse, no flash and insufficient lighting. For really great photos you need to go to a portrait studio. The portraits are taken using multiple lights and also using lights of various colors like those shown below. Light modifers such as umbrellas are also used for better lighting. Click on photo for a larger version and a slideshow.  See more photos in the Gallery.

See photos taken by PhotographyByEd here (click on photo):

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