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Unless you have been photographed by Photography by Ed you may only have snapshots.

I can provide digital photos taken at your event or digital portraits taken at my studio or on location. I can also construct a simple web site that you can edit yourself for a low price.

New .... Two GIANT softbox umbrellas now available for really great lighting. One silver and one translucent white.  ....  Click here for information about software, equipment, backdrops and lighting.

Belly Dance Special - Free Studio Portraits

Do you want portraits for your belly dance web site or just want portraits of yourself wearing your belly dance costume with really good lighting? Photography By Ed needs models (no experience required) to test a new lighting system and . If you like, bring one friend to help with make-up, costume and posing. There isn't room for more people. If your friend also wants portraits, that is OK too. You can receive free portraits if you also agree that the portraits can also be used by Photography By Ed for advertising purposes (web site, business cards and other advertisements). The five dancers shown on the Studio Partraits section of the Gallery page took advantage of this offer. Three of these five dancers are professional belly dancers. You will receive all photos on a CD or DVD and they can be used as you choose. The photo sessions will last several hours. Bring an elegant belly dancing costume for the photo session. If you do not have one and still would like to pose for portraits other arrangements can be made. Contact Ed Frick if you are interested.

Studio Portraits

Low cost digital portraits using studio equipment such as an SLR digital camera, backdrops (backgrounds) and various lighting techniques (such as multiple flashes, softboxes, umbrellas, filters and color accent lighting) are taken at the studio.  If the portraits were taken using Chroma Key Green backdrops then any one available background of your choice will be substiuted. Information about software, equipment, backdrops and lighting can be seen by clicking here.  The digital photo files are taken in JPG format. You can then work on the files and have them printed at your favorite store or your computer printer. What you are buying a digital portrait service.  The files will be burned to a CD or DVD as appropriate free of charge.  A DVD may be required if the number of files is too large to fit on a CD.  Belly dancers and other performing artists will find this a convenient way of obtaining low cost digital photo files so they can include them on their web site, brochures and business cards without needing to purchase prints.  Individuals may like the idea of obtaining a good digital portrait file at a reasonable cost and then be able to take it home and process/print it on their own computer.  Portraits are taken by appointment only.  Portraits taken on location are also a possibility.  Please contact me if you feel I can provide photographic services to you.  Go to the Prices page for more details about studio portraits.

Information about software, equipment, backdrops and lighting can be seen by clicking here.

Event Photography

I come to your event and take photographs with a digital SLR camera.  I will need an unobstructed view and for indoor events to be able to use flash.  You receive the photos on a CD or DVD. Contact Photography by Ed for prices.

Various types of events can be photographed, such as:
  • Haflas, Belly Dancing Parties
  • Plays
  • Theatre
  • Softball Games
  • Baseball Games
  • Football Games
  • Hockey Games
  • Gymnastics
  • and many others
Go to the Prices page for more details about event photography.

Web Site Construction

Why pay hundreds of dollars or more for a web site?  Go to the Prices page for more details about Obtaining a web site.

About Photography by Ed

My name is Ed Frick.  Photography is one of my hobbies and I have been photographing belly dancing events around the Delaware Valley area for over 35 years.  I would like to use my experience as a photographer to earn a little extra money so I can afford to continue to take photos.  Let me share my hobby with you whether you are a dancer, just someone who would like a studio portrait or wants an event photographed.  I am available to photograph your event or provide digital studio photo files at reasonable rates.  I am located near Malvern, PA.

Learn to Bellydance

See Najia's web site and sign up for bellydance lessons.

See photos taken by PhotographyByEd here (click on photo):


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