Photography By Ed
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NOTE: The thumbs and larger photos seen by clicking on the thumb are low resolution and not suitable for printing.
They are not representative of the quality seen in full size photos.

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Studio Portraits






















  Main and fill lighting. No filters on camera.
  Main and fill lighting. FX#2(soft focus filter)/warming filter on camera.
  Main and fill lighting. FX#3(soft focus filter)/warming filter on camera.
  Main and fill lighting. Warming filter on camera.

Event Photography

  Pitching a ball during a softball game.

  The "windup" of a pitch frozen in time.

  Belly Dancing at a Hafla (a belly dancing party).

  Belly Dancing at "show night" at adult night school.

Learn to Bellydance

See Najia's web site and sign up for bellydance lessons.

See photos taken by PhotographyByEd here (click on photo):

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